Ten Common Lifeguard Job Interview Questions

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Published: 01st June 2011
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Congratulations on becoming the latest lifesaving, action taking, obstacle meeting professional lifeguard by completing your lifeguard certification tests! Now, you should move ahead and take those new abilities and that deep driven interest to help others and look for your initial lifeguard job.

Even though it takes a particular kind of prospect to fit the role and demands of a lifeguard, some of the most typical lifeguard interview questions are based on sound judgment and to test your ambition to simply be sure that you have what it takes to make the team. Much like any career or job, the job interview is a chance for both the candidate and the future manager to get a feel for each other and see how compatible the working relationship may be before moving forward.

Before you set off to face the interview questions head on, here is a list of some of the most commonly seen lifeguard interview questions that you may possibly want to plan in advance for. Take these questions seriously, but do not feel vulnerable or stressed, as they are merely ways in ensuring that you can supply the right fit for the job.

Please feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself and about your lifeguard certification and training.
Obviously, the relationship between employer and employee requires to be healthy and suitable, so be open and present yourself as an individual. Be honest and proud of your learning and your lifeguard certification credentials as these are significant for your interviewer to know all about.

Why do you feel that you would make a good fit in our team as a lifeguard?
This is your opportunity to 'market yourself' and show your future employer why they should think of you for the position. Don't hold back, but don't get cocky, either!

In your own viewpoint, what is the explanation of "integrity" and how does it apply to the position you are seeking?
Professionalism, maturity and trustworthiness are key items to make in order for you to represent yourself as a valued asset. The responsibilities of a lifeguard are hefty and this is an opportunity to show your prospective employer that you have what it takes to spearhead the challenges.

What do you believe are attributes that make for a successful water program?
Show a firm belief in the facilities mission and vision in supplying support services and ensuring that the facilities patrons and customers are safe. Prior to the interview, do some exploration on the facility and discover the information before you ever step foot into the interview.

How would you plan on enforcing protocols and regulations of the facility and the program?
This is a chance to show off your customer service abilities, yet also to show that you can be stable and offer the "show of strength" in being able to respect the facility rules.

How would you handle problematic customers?
There are some common skills here, but the most crucial one is to - LISTEN - to the customer. In many cases, customers become rowdy because they feel that they are not being listened to. Empathize with the complex customer and let them feel acknowledged, then deal with the issue as properly and mutually beneficial as possible.

Describe some important characteristics to have when working with children.
Young children LOVE playing in the water - often times though, many young children are not experienced swimmers and lifeguards must take extreme care in ensuring that both parents and children are accurately supervised. Children scare easily, so surprise situations can bring some different challenges when children are concerned.

What do you believe are the most vital characteristics of a lifeguard?
Illustrate the importance of what you learned in your lifeguard certification program and training. Professionalism, maturity, reliability and maintaining a helpful attitude are a few.

Precisely what are you looking to gain from your employment here if you are hired?
Share your planned career path and don't forget to ask questions, yet it is good to create a structured plan on where you see yourself as a professional lifeguard later on too.

Why should we consider you for this position?
Most likely, you are competing with other prospects for the position that you are interviewing for. This is possibly a second opportunity to sell yourself and push your name in front of the list. Be honest and again, show your passion and desire for why you applied for the position in the first place.

Common sense and honesty are two of the key factors that you can bring to the interview which will help you find the job you desire. Your perseverance and motivation to get your lifeguard certification credentials should be considered in showing your potential employer how formidable you are in growing to be a rescue service professional and move ahead in your career as a lifeguard.

Good luck!

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